छाtra दल – A short film


Life is very closely related to these three words as everyday one has to perform different characters in different situations with perfection. Perfection does not come instantly, many a time we make mistakes, learn, redo and it is an ongoing process.

Do you remember the famous catch phrase from the 1995 Academy award winner film, Forest Gump, “Run Forest Run”? This is an inspirational quote which means ‘just keep going and you’ll make it one day.’

Movies beyond entertainment are a great source inspiration which brings forth a new meaning to the lives of people. Since our childhood we have been watching cinema and somewhere in our hearts we do have the slightest dream of being an actor, writer, cinematographer, director, costume designer or what not. And to fulfill these dreams we perform plays, nukkad natikas in our schools and colleges, do photography, editing, write poetry and stories as a hobby and the list goes on. Every person is different and talented in one field or the other but there is a fine line between talent and passion. Those who follow their passion believing in themselves get an opportunity to live their dreams at some point of time.

The love for movies backed up by the passion to explore their talent in the right direction inspired the some students of IMT Nagpur for their first break. The vision was intact, ideas were there, and talent was in abundance but everyone was a novice as this time it was neither a play nor just a video shoot, it was a short film that would be broadcasted online so everything needs to be taken care of precisely.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

And “to achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.These words of the tennis legend and activist Arthur Ashe and the dream to achieve something big laid the foundation towards the first step of deciding the subject for the movie.

Being the youngest and biggest democracy in the world, India has its fair share of political controversies and issues boiling in its belly every now and then. The recent JNU, BHU, DU, Controversy, Sedition, Nationalism and Anti-Nationalism all are rapidly coming into limelight and every now and then Bollywood has taken its own stance and portrayed political issues the country has been struggling with. Inspired by these events and being students the subject of ‘student politics’ looked interesting and trendy and the name ‘Chatra Dal’ was finalized for the short film.


Chatra Dal, a saga of student politics of a college in Varanasi is a political drama with a perfect blend of love, betrayal and vengeance. K. Vivek Mohan and Prathamesh Deglurkar played the role of leaders of two student organizations and compete to be the president of the student’s union. Even Mr. Uday Damle, manager placements, IMT Nagpur made a mark with his small yet impactful performance.

The film leaves a question to the minds of audience that why our students face so much political pressure in the first place instead of focusing on education, actual philosophical debate, their dreams and their emerging future? Moreover, a larger question of whether we really need student politics in the institutions to bring out a better leader or it is just another hoopla which provokes violence and illegitimate use of power?

Till now the two teasers which have been released on all the social media platforms have got the good appreciation by the audience. Dialogues like “राजनीती की परिभाशा वक्त के साथ नहीं सोच के साथ बदलती है।“ and intense ones like “खत्म नहीं करेंगे तुम्हें, इज़्जत को मुखाग्नी देके गंगा में बहा देंगे।“ have already created a buzz among the students and on the social media and everyone seems excited for the film. The producers Shubhashlok Dwibedy and Karna Malde, the directors Shrey Sachdeva and Anurag Mathur and everyone associated with this film are quite happy with their hard work and the reaction of the audience and have high hopes for the D-Day. The film is all set to be released online on YouTube soon, so stay tuned.

It is a 50 minutes duration film being a beginner in every department. When the team of Chatra Dal was asked about the same, it simply quoted the American director Quentin Tarantino,

“If you just love movies enough, you can make a GOOD one.”

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