The Chronicles of a Madari

उँगलियाँ यूँ न सब पर उठाया करो,
खर्च करने से पहले कमाया करो |

ज़िन्दगी क्या है खुद ही समझ जाओगे,

बारिशों में पतंगें उड़ाया करो ||

दोस्तों से मुलाक़ात के नाम पर,
नीम की पत्तियों को चबाया करो |
चाँद सूरज कहाँ, अपनी मंज़िल कहाँ,
ऐसे वैसों को मुँह मत लगाया करो ||

These are few of my favourite lines from Rahat Indori’s poetry which perfectly fit into as far as my MBA  journey is concerned.

June 10, 2015…


A crowd of passionate youth, future managers and budding entrepreneurs having dreams to achieve something big entered the Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur. The lush green campus saying “Go, start anew” along with the red bricks symbolizing desire, passion and determination welcomed them with open arms. It was probably the best assimilation one could have to start a new journey.

Where Path-Breakers meet Path-Makers

It was the most beautiful campus that I have ever seen and the feeling of spending the most crucial years of my life at such a place was amazing. These two years for me have been a basket full of accomplishments, surprises, and setbacks during which I learned and grew a lot.

It started with an orientation program and as a part of which we got a chance to spend a day at Prahar, a setup to overcome fears, stretching your limits, making new friends and most importantly to demystify, Unity is the Strength.

The curriculum started with the hectic schedule of classes, guest lectures, presentations, assignments and exams. The best part about IMT Nagpur is its student-driven campus consisting of committees, forums and ventures. One has to go through a series of individual and group tasks followed by stress interviews on regular basis to be a part of any committee or forum. The recruitment processes were quite tedious and exhaustive. I was a part of StrategIT (The Strategy and IT forum) and XploHRe (The HR forum). Being in any forum gives you a leverage of freedom to plan and execute your events. There were instances when we excelled and walked with pride but when setbacks crossed our path, we learned lessons and tried to improve. Altogether, it was fun.

August 14, 2015
Milestone 34, popularly known as M34, the next big thing at IMT-N where one learns the best of team dynamics and explores oneself. We did everything, starting from brainstorming sessions for a Team Name, Shaitan Madari to creating war cries, doing unlimited sketching, making 50 feet long banners, fashion parade, group dance, role plays, logistics and what not. Many of us did not sleep for more than 4 hours for almost 15 days. At times there were conflicts in the team and bringing them together to perform was one of the most critical tasks. Despite all our efforts, we did not finish well but stood ahead of all the juniors teams. And after that, I was popular as ‘Madari’.

“Sometimes you Win, sometimes you lose Learn.”

Next year, I again participated in M34 to have a different experience of managing a team of 20 juniors and co-heading the offline promotions. This season our team name was WeDesi Rangrez and performing an act being Baba Ramdev was one of the most memorable acts of my life. Finally, all our efforts paid off and WeDesi Rangrez stood out as ‘Baazigar’ and we shouted like anything at the top of our voices. For weeks we enjoyed the pride & glory of being the champions.

IMT never sleeps, so never allowed me to be free and waste time. Numerous competitions, case studies and live projects helped to think rationally and out of the box.

January 16, 2016
The New Year started with a triumph when my friend Kunwerji and I won the 2nd prize in a marketing quiz at Amaethon, IIM Ahmedabad competing with the finest colleges. What a feeling that was! 

October 1, 2016
I was on cloud nine when I got placed in TCS and that too on day zero of placements. But as it is said,

“The best feeling of happiness is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy.”

I came across this divine feeling when got a chance to bring about a change in the lives of some ‘specially challenged children’ by spending an entire day with them enjoying and also encouraging them to showcase their talent. 

“These smiles were priceless.”

Moreover, the post-placement phase was like a honeymoon period and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Be it spending time reading, taking part in dance workshops, photo shoots, bonfires, open-air movie screenings or sports. But the life cycle comprises of crests and troughs. There were moments of dejection during my bad form in Table Tennis and we have to go for an inter-college sports meet. But 

“Determination is doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it.” 

On January 21, 2017, we represented our college in Table Tennis at PERIODOS, the Annual sports meet in IMT Hyderabad and it was a proud moment when we won.

I made friends for a lifetime who enjoyed with me in my good times, supported me when I needed them and stood beside me in my bad times. I witnessed how people’s behavior, perception and thoughts change over a period of time, how the best friends become strangers, how people take you for granted and conspire against one another. One needs to be careful and cautious enough to protect oneself and also retaliate when required to survive in the world outside.

These were the two golden years of my life where I got to try a lot, fail, work under pressure, manage time and learn in a risk-free environment with patience and perseverance being my 2 Ps to success.  

March 17, 2017
This is the date of my convocation. There are feelings of achievement, excitement and happiness but at the same time the feelings of missing out such an amazing campus life, friends, birthday parties and what not. To be precise, #imtdiaries

But, as rightly stated by Friedrich Nietzsche,

“The end of a melody is not its goal; but nonetheless, had the melody not reached its end, it would not have reached its goal either.”

MBA- Done & Dusted!

With all the learning and wonderful experiences, I feel confident enough and see myself nicely fitted in the stature of the corporate world.


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  1. Anmol Gupta says:

    u organized it very well bro. Connecting the dots

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    1. mayanksapra says:

      Thanx Anmol


  2. Himani says:

    A beautiful articulation of the 2 years of ur IMT life.


    1. mayanksapra says:

      Thank you Himani


  3. rangeenkhyal says:

    wow rahat shab shyri

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    1. mayanksapra says:

      Thanks Ravish!

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